Centauri Conglomerate Quadrant Capital Quadrant 8

Percentage is a successful business hub for not only the Conglomerate but other trading nations. Its attractive tax breaks make it ideal for corporate headquarters.

For example it has the headquarters of Interstellar Freelance Unlimited private military contractor company

Planetary Governance

The planet is run by a Planetary Parliament consisting of a single chamber. The head of state is the First Officer of Parliament (known just as the First Officer).
The Planetary government is a member of the Centauri Conglomerate with full membership rights. Centauri culture and social practices are popular on Percentage.

Government roles

First Officer : Misty Allison
Officer for Defence : Carmella Nunez
Officer for Trade and Industry : Reuben Hawkins
Officer for Interstellar Relations : Jamal Abdul Kareem
Officer for Internal Safety : Harland Huneke

Main Cities

North Continent

High Margin - Capital and seat of government. Popn 6.5M

Leafy Glen - Population 2.1M
Craterus - Popn 2.9M

South Continent

Winton - Popn 3.9M
Chickenhawk - Popn 1.9M
Deadpool - Popn 1.1M

East Continent and Archepelago

Consignment - Popn 2.5M
Milton - Popn 0.8M
Smokey - Popn 1.9M
Water City - Popn 1.8M