Organian Atrocity 3174

The release of a virulent engineered genetic virus into the atmosphere of Organia 3 left 1.3 million dead and many more horribly mutilated and crippled. The subsequent international aid effort was the largest ever seen in Quadrant 4's history. The wanted criminal scientist Johannes Schmitt was trying, it appears, to threaten the government in a gigantic extortion plot.

It went wrong, and the virus was released - resulting in about 90% of those exposed to the virus dying, the remaining 10% were horribly altered in some way - almost always severely debilitating.

Organia's population of 'Jokers' as the virus survivors style themselves is very large and politically active. The conditions caused by the virus have so far proved difficult to reverse, a fact that has made most survivors exceptionally bitter.

There have been rumours of other outbreaks of the Wild Card Virus elsewhere in the Universe particularly in Savage Land Station Q2 in 3202.