Old Wolf

A period roughly dating to the early colonisation of Wolf 359, particularly the 2870s. Much mythologised in the Wolf commonwealth as the fountainhead of Wolfer values, and especially the leadership role played by the Royal Family during the early years of colonisation.

Old Wolf conjures in the Wolfer imagination a time of clear sighted patrician families leading hardscrabble colonists, all working together against the odds. The ideal honourable and harmonious society.

It is an extremely popular setting for Wolfer media, including the long running holovid shows “Rawhull” and “Little Habdome on the Planetoid”. Despite its domestic popularity, it has little following outside the Commonwealth. Generally the tropes are well worn, innovation in plot and character being frowned upon by the viewing public. It is considered a tonic for the more complicated and ambiguous times of the present.

It has been variously described by cultural commentators as “A hackneyed amalgam of ancient Earth legends.” “Camelot and the Old West for a subservient society.”

It is not surprising to see films made in other polities lampooning this period - most notably and controversially by Alphie Potato in the banned film 'Wolf Whistle".