Organisation For Forerunner Information Collation and Exchange; the leading Government sponsored Forerunner research institute in the Earth Empire. Under noted Professor Archibald Than Shwe OFFICE acts to churn through the enormous quantities of available research and raw data to establish the nuggets of most value to the Imperium. OFFICE, BLADE and the Solar Survey work together increasingly closely.

OFFICE is currently responsible for the ongoing study of Forerunner archaeology in the Origins and Subrosa systems. The activity is led by Earth archaeologist Doctor Apple Crabtree. Although IFF researchers have access to both systems their research in these systems is considerably more closely monitored and controlled than these researchers at Mystery. This is both to prevent a repeat of the Majordomo Incident at Mystery, and to direct researchers towards a more specific set of goals. While most archaeologists have an inherent distrust of these controls there are some who appreciate the ability to work in quieter locations with less competition. Digs at Subrosa and Origins are therefore on a much smaller scale (by several orders of magnitude) than those on Mystery and are not expected to produce useful results for many years.