Between the Earth Empire, Greater Federation of Asteel, Union of Xyon
& Wolf359 Commonwealth.

Signatories are to have signed and ratified the Treaty of Old London

All Polities agree to two political agreements unbound by time constraints.

All Polities agree to one military agreement unbound by time constraints.

Provision 1: Non-aggression

Signatories will neither take nor support, directly or indirectly, any
military action directed against the assets or interests of other

Provision 2: Borders

Signatories recognise the existing borders of other signatories
and will work together through the PEAS organisation to avoid conflicts
over investments in non-aligned worlds.

Provision 3: Military Co-operation

Signatories agree to the exchange of military personnel on a bilateral
basis and cooperate with each other in areas of logistics, training and
contingency planning. In addition they will coordinate with each
other the surveying of the Quadrants and exchange the data gathered.


Signed for the Earth Empire
Lee Zhang,
First Minister,
Earth Empire

Signed for the Greater Federation of Asteel
Alphonse Potato,
The Greater Federation of Asteel

Signed for the Union of Xyon
Dan Tassic,
Prime Minister,
Union of Xyon

Signed for the Wolf359 Commonwealth
Lord Michael Young KCB DTE,
Marquess of New London,
Prime Minister,
Wolf 359 Commonwealth, on behalf of His Majesty King Stabilo II