The New Republic

An independent polity in Quadrant 7 formed in 3213.

Its first President was George Forty, formerly the President of New Draconis. The first election was hard fought, and resulted in a very marginal victory for the Democratic Republican Party, and as a result the first Government was something of a coalition between the DRP and its closest electoral rivals.

Shortly after the formation of the New Republic, it became involved in a colonial war with the Sirius Socialist Republic. Contrary to all expectations, the New Republican forces proved more than a match for the Sirian Navy and the war was decisively won by the New Republic, and resulted in the destruction of the SSR Quadrant 7 repair yard and the capture of two SSRN capital ships.

The elections in 3218 cemented the new polity as a permanent fixture in Quadrant 7. The Democratic Republican Party won a massive electoral victory under its new leader MilliCent Yen. In the interestes of creating unity for the fledgling polity Yen invited members of the minority parties into senior Cabinet roles, arguing that there were still many existential threats to the New Republic and that unity was paramount.


The Cabinet in 3220 consisted of
President MilliCent Yen (Democratic Republican Party)
Chancellor Harrington Fox (Greater Prosperity Party)
Minister of Foreign Relations Elaine Harpy (Greater Prosperity Party)
Minister of Defence Quinque Ferrari (Democratic Republican Party)
Minister of Science and Learning Kojima Roku (Colonial Freedom Party)
Minister of Economic Development Commo D'Orr64 (Democratic Republican Party)
Minister of Culture and History Erestina Zwie (Democratic Republican Party)

In attendance
Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Lenz
Head of the Military Office of Republican Intelligence 'D'
Cabinet Secretary Humthree AppleBi

Non Cabinet Ministers
Minister of Justice Vetch Un (Democratic Republican Party)

Election Results 3218

Voting was as follows:

48.1% Democratic Republican Party
19.4% Greater Prosperity Party
15.1% Colonial Freedom Party
7.4% Draconis First Party
6.2% Transhumanist Liberation Party
1.7% Democracy And Freedom Party
0.3% Gorgon Independence Party
0.5% Draconis All Local Electoral Community party
0.2% Exterminator War Veterans Party
1.1% approx 32 minor parties at 0.1% or less

Election Results 3213

The inaugural elections on the formation of the New Republic did not show a clear majority for any of the major parties. Voting was as follows:

34.1% Democratic Republican Party
24.9% Greater Prosperity Party
19.3% Colonial Freedom Party
7.4% Draconis First Party
5.9% Transhumanist Liberation Party
3.7% Democracy And Freedom Party
1.8% Gorgon Independence Party
1.0% Draconis All Local Electoral Community party
0.5% Exterminator War Veterans Party
1.4% approx 32 minor parties at 0.1% or less