New Davidians

The Davidians were a sect which traced its origins to the 27th century Terran prophet and guru, David Icke. It was Davidian orthodoxy that all human history had been guided by a secret cabal, the Illuminated Ones, which consisted of hybrids between humans and a race of large 'twelve foot' (it is believed this is an archaic measurement equivalent to about 3.65m and not a statement of their number of limbs) alien shapechanging lizards. The hybrids, who also possessed the ability to shapechange, had allegedly inveigled themselves into the highest ranks of human society, and indulged in rituals involving the sacrifice and eating of babies. These creatures, it was claimed, had manipulated human genetics by hybridisation and breeding experiments. The Davidians believed that the senior figures of most nations were part of this 'elect', but most notably the Wolfer King and Earther First Citizen. Most people would claim that all of this is ridiculous. Davidians however would reply that that is exactly how They have taught you to think.
The Davidians were however suppressed as a religious organisation after the assassination of Wolfer Queen Anne at a state reception by the First Citizen in Beijing in 3074 by a clique of Davidians who had managed to secure positions among the palace staff. The movement was forced underground for some years before being revived in the GFA in the mid-32nd century as the New Davidians.
The New Davidians were the brainchild of science fiction writer and entrepreneur 'El Ronde' Hibbard. Hibbard devised a series of testing programmes that could allegedly determine whether you or your family carried the alien hybrid gene, and also claimed that the alien tampering with the human bloodline had resulted in humans secretly gaining all manner of powers which could be tapped into. He claimed to be able to fly and read minds as a result of his studies (holo footage exists of this, although its authenticity is disputed). Nevertheless, the New Davidians rapidly gained a significant following in Asteel (it is often claimed that Esteelers will believe anything), and has also revived interest in the sect in the Earther homeworlds where the Davidians first held sway. The New Davidians however are careful to preach that their followers should not act against the state or suspected alien hybrids, but maintain instead a watching brief, while developing their powers in readiness for the day when they will be needed.