The titular head of one of the largest religions of humanity - the Universal Church. This is an ancient belief system, dating back over two thousand years. There remains much debate about its origins, but what is clear is that it grew out of a range of monotheistic religions of ancient times. The NeoPope is surrounded by complex and colourful ritual and is esconced in a magnificent 500 year old Seesars palace in the ancient city of Las Vegas.

Her Tranquility Dolores Pieta XIV
The current NeoPope, Her Tranquility Dolores Pieta XIV is an arch-traditionalist who has been undoing some of the more radical innovations of the last century, such as rejecting the previously tolerated Sirius Conclave of Bright Slave Souls as a part of the canon of the Universal Church.

Her Holiness is known for her occasional political statements which have been played down by the church but which have been interpreted as aligning her with a strong support for the Earth Imperium.