Members of humanity who do not have genetically engineered pure genes, and are not Perfect. There are many of these on all worlds, but due to their genetic disability cannot take certain roles in society (such as being in charge or anything). Nobody questions this (well, nobody of any importance, anyway).

Typically, the majority of every world are naturals. In the Homeworlds in Q0 the split is probably about 70% naturals to 30% perfects. Out in the colonies where the genetic technology is not so readily available, the proportions are probably more like 80% or even 90% naturals - though of course often there are many descendants of perfects who formed the original colonists perhaps.

If anything perhaps the 'pure perfect' (I nearly said 'purebloods'...) is more highly regarded in the outer quadrants because they are in demand for the military, spacecrew and natural leaders for the community.

The key issue is that in the case of the respective status of naturals and perfects, there can be no question of naturals having the same status as a perfects because a natural is scientifically proven to be genetically inferior to a perfect - they live less long, they are prone to all sorts of diseases and they're generally less intelligent. Unlike minor physical appearance differences that were important in the race issue in ancient times, the difference is real.

It is quite rare for a natural to even try to stand for high office because of the lack of public confidence the population would have in his health and ability. The vast majority of naturals accpt that their 'betters' are well suited to take positions of authority and are generally quite politically apathetic. So a 'naturals rights' issue rarely enters mainstream politics.

Of course, the outlawed Democracy And Freedom Today Movement argues differently, but they're just a bunch of dangerous criminals that nobody takes seriously.

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