Missile Heavy Cruiser CMI

A heavy cruiser with weapon replacements to increase the number of missile delivery systems.

Weapon systems
4 Multi Cannon
8 Missile Launchers firing Heavy Missile
4 Chaff / Flares launchers
2 One shot Pacifier
105 Starship Marines

Approx tonnage 50,000 tonnes

Maximum acceleration 1.5 G

Navy Crew: 170 (not including Starship Marines

Doctrine and operations

Heavy Missile Cruisers were originally designed to add a missile punch to a line of battle fleet. Most navies regard them as an auxiliary and only of value in the context of big fleet battles where they are covered by line-of-battle CAI and BBI. They only started to be re-introduced in recent years because they were a way of throwing extra nuclear-tipped missiles at crippled Exterminators. The CMI trades the all-round weapons flexibility of a proper CAI for extra anti-ship missile launchers (which themselves are only of use once the enemy's point defences have been degraded by other fleet elements).

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