Mind Control

What is MInd Control?

The ability to covertly or overtly influence someone to act in a way that they would not otherwise act, and not always in their own interest.

How Do I Mind Control Someone?

There many ways of maintaining control over someone, threats of violence to them or their loved ones being the best and most widely known. Mind control, in the sense of deeply modifying behaviour is also a long standing technology, involving a combination of government-regulated drug, and psychological 'brainwashing techniques'

That Sounds Great - when can I start?,

Mind Control tends to have fairly obvious side-effects, such as radical personality changes and borderline mental illness. And there it is similar to the mind-wipe process, much loved by many judicial systems, which renders the subject radically changed.
The subject is programmed to be unaware of it, but anyone who knows them well will notice differences. Most counter-intelligence services are adept at screening for this.

That's disappointing - can we do it without the side-effects?

There is no known way of mind controlling someone without these effects. Unless you're assuming that you can find someone to use Telepathy to do it!
There are some theorists (and movie makers) that suggest that an Artificial Intelligence AI could insert a mind-controlling chip into someone's brain and control them that way with no side effects. Unfortunately there is no evidence of this ever happening in real life.