Greater Federation of Asteel Quadrant Capital : Quadrant 8

Location: 05020084. Founded by Hypertech Corporation, the system consists of 6 planets and an asteroid belt, with an M25 limit of 24 AU and a population of 350.03 million.
On the Primary, axial rotation is close to standard resulting in a normal day and night cycle. Tilt is slight resulting in little or no seasonal variations. Hydrographic percentage is normal, providing for varied terrain and access to water. The economy has a broad base of products, materials and services so investment risk has a healthy spread. State controls are considered in the normal range, however advice should be sought about local laws and customs. Travellers are warned that system conditions are out of the normal range and care should be taken before disembarking.

Thud Yowzar - Governor Quadrant 8, MICROPROSE, Star Party.
General Mann P Rupali - Quadrant General.

Main cities:

Civilisation - Location of main spaceport, the Sydney B Meir Memorial Spaceport

Civilisation Two