An uninhabited world in Quadrant 7

Mdrid was marked as 'very dangerous' a long time ago, after the first colonists were overrun by a dangerous creature, then believed to be native of the planet. By international agreement a watch was put on the planet to warn off potential re-colonisers.

About ten years ago it was realised that the species that terrorised Mdrid were in fact Genesplice 9 creatures - and that this represented the most extreme outbreak of the creatures ever encountered.

According to recent research the creatures on Mdrid are in recession - there being none currently detected as active and as far as we know the GS9 presence is now entirely in the form of egg caches. Millions of them. It seems that occasionally a local medium sized or large vertebrate finds an egg and an occasional GS9 is hatched, but they do not replicate much.

The planet is still not regarded as safe for colonisation.