Martian - Venerian 3202 Entente

The Polities of the Martian Association of Free Colonies and the Venerian
Republic, henceforth referred to as the Entente Polities, being animated by a common desire to more efficiently fight the Exterminator menace and preserve peace between human nations and the balance of power in human space, have agreed
upon the following provisions:

Provision 1: Non-aggression

Both Entente Polities will neither take nor support, directly or indirectly, any
military action directed against the assets or interests of the other.

Provision 2: Defensive Alliance

If a major attack occurs upon either Entente polity resulting in
significant harm, such as to effectively constitute a declaration of war
upon the injured party, the other, upon request by the attacked party,
will also declare war upon said attacker and engage them with a proportion
of their forces not less than the proportion of the attacked polities forces
engaging said attacker.

Once at war with the same enemy, the Entente Polities shall not conclude
peace separately with said enemy.

Provision 3: Military Co-operation

The General Staffs of the Militaries of the Entente Polities shall facilitate
the exchange of staff officers, joint military exercises, and the creation of
combined communication protocols.

Provision 4: Economic Co-operation

Both Entente Polities agree to take measures to promote mutual trade and
economic growth between and within their polities. Said measures may include the
restructuring of tariffs, subsidies, and other trade related legislation, the
exchange of Governmental investments (aka SVs), and the building of ships for
each other.
The details of any such agreements will be worked out by the relevant government
This provision is merely an 'umbrella agreement' to begin doing so.

Provision 5: Spheres of influence

Both Entente Polities recognise that the other polity has legitimate interests
in a number of independent systems. The identity of said systems being subject
to subsequent mutual agreement by the Foreign/External Affairs Ministers of both
Entente Polities.

Provision 6: Duration

The duration of this Treaty shall be provisionally fixed at five years from the
day of the later polities' ratification. One year before the expiration of this
period the two Entente Polities shall consult together concerning the question
whether the conditions serving as the basis of the Entente still prevail, and
reach an agreement in regard to the further continuance or possible modification
of certain details. If in the course of the first month of the last year of the
Entente no invitation has been received from either side to open these
negotiations, the Treaty shall be considered as renewed for a further period
of three years.


Senator Hands,
Representative for Foreign Affairs,
MAFC Interstellar Coordination Committee;

Executive Brownov,
Venerian Minister for External Affairs;

Senator Cornelius
Representative for War
MAFC Interstellar Coordination Committee;

Executive Patelski
Venerian Minister for the Military;

Supreme Councillor Harness
MAFC Interstellar Coordination Committee

President Heinlein
Venerian Republic.

New Mars/New Venus 3202.001