Marine Armour (MA)

This is specialised space armour used by the feared Starship Marines. It is similar in terms of support to Light Tactical Armour (used by the GF), but it is optimised for zero-g operation in a hard vacuum and high radiation environment.


First, it is incredibly tough, allowing the marine to operate in hard vacuum and other even tougher environments. It is very flexible at the joints, and is equipped with very efficient manoeuvre jets, allowing very agile zero-g movement.

Second, it is powered by servomotors, amplifying the marines's muscle power and giving him superfast 'twitch'reflexes.

Thirdly, it interprets the combat environment to maximise the marine's destructive power. Marine armour has no transparent faceplate; the armour has a powerful infrared and radar sensor system , which is transmitted to a Virtual Reality Head-Up Display.
The suit also has data transmitters to relay status information to Squad leaders and higher command, as well as the specialised communication systems needed for 'Direct Control'.
The first 3 months of the Marine course is about gaining certification to operate powered armour effectively.
Of course, this obviously means that a suit system kill renders the occupant blind, deaf, dumb and immobilised.


The suit is automatically self-sealing if punctured, and will even, in extreme cicumstances sever badly damaged limbs to protect the marine's trunk and hence his life.