Regression Colony 2987 : Magrat Continent (Deenar III)

Technology level: Early CX-IV- approximately equivalent to 17th Century (old CE date)

Social level: Protonational neo-constitutional kingdoms.

Political Status: Stable War

Identified Major Political Groupings: 8 (plus loads of minor ones)

Population: approx. 12.8 million

The colony of Magrat occupies the whole of the southern continent.
From time to time they have developed some intercontinental sea-going capability, but all of their intercontinental voyages have been impounded by the modern colonists on the two northern continents. The prevailing view is, therefore, that everyone who goes over the horizon falls off the edge of the world (or at least certainly never comes back - swallowed by sea serpents or something). This has quite naturally discouraged sea exploration, and their naval technology is fairly underdeveloped, since they only tend to make coastal voyages or short sea voyages to outlying islands.

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