Former Centauri colony world in Quadrant 8.

Situation in 3212

The world of Luwum has been colonised, on and off, by humanity for only a couple of decades. As is common in the human universe, colonies do fail from time to time. That is what happened to the colony on Luwum about 10 years ago.

Prior to economic collapse, it had been growing, but successive failure of the harvests and slow production from the local Red Mercury mine and financial mismanagement by the governing council led to investing Centauri corporations pulling the plug on the colony.

When a colony like this fails, it means anything of significant credit value is shipped off, and anyone with any sense emigrates on the last ships out of the system.

As far as the rest of the universe is concerned, failed colonies become 'uninhabited'. But of course, not everyone can get off-world, there are always a significant number of 'survivors' who eke out a subsistence existence. How well survivors do depends on what is left behind, and their own abilities to organise.

Three years ago, the Lexcorp Corporation financed a re-colonisation of Luwum. The new colony is still building up, and their population is not large. The survivors of the old colony - many living in the overgrown semi-ruins of the main sprawling 'city' called Gastropod City – are somewhat resentful of the newcomers.

During the 'collapse' the survivors grouped into armed communities, with a degree low-level violence going on between them.
As the new colonists arrive, with fresh resources and unfamiliar with the planet, so the older survivor communities formed gangs to steal, extort and threaten the newcomers into giving up their shiny things.
The colonists' security teams have prevented wholesale looting, but law and order is patchy, the survivor gangs are a source of constant low-level annoyance to the new colonists. In many cases the gangs are being bought off by the primary commercial interest, Lexcorp, so that the main infrastructure projects can go ahead without too much interference. This protection money is becoming an important source of income.