Lon Chaney

Independent colony world in Q1.

M25 limit = 29 AU. 9 Planets, 1 significant asteroid belt.

A habitable world, the climate is fairly hot, with equatorial jungles having mean temperatures of around 53°C. These regions are deemed uneconomic for colonisation. The northern hemisphere has proved to have the best climatic conditions and the initial colonies have all been founded there, three on the Great Continent, one (the first founded) on the Western Continent. Each of these are small, and the global economy is rated Subsistence Level.

Total population of the planet in 3210 is a little over 1.2 million souls.

In 3198, shortly after founding, the colony was divided by investment and development policy disputes which resulted in the separated development at differnent sites.

At the end of 3207, the Free Worlds Alliance conducted a military intervention to protect local colonists (the Right First Time Colony) from an aggresive neighbouring colony (Democratic Colony of Lon Chaney). The Democratic Colony of Lon Chaney was, in fact, a militaristic dictatorship and following the fighting, its government fell, to be replaced by a less aggressive, broadly democratic government.