Light Cruiser CLI

A small military Starship, designed for prolonged operations. Not strong enough for the line of battle, but able to catch and defeat smaller vessels.

Weapon systems
2 Heavy Cannon
4 Multi Cannon
2 Missile Launchers firing Heavy Missile
4 Chaff / Flares launchers
33 Starship Marines

Approx tonnage 35,000 tonnes

Maximum acceleration 1.5 G

Navy Crew: 100 (not including Starship Marines


The CLI has a key role in anti-piracy and colonial protection duties. Large enough to mount a PAD it out-guns all small classes of ship, and this, together with its higher acceleration means it can take on any number of pirate armed merchants with a high probability of success. Its main weakness is in the relatively small complement of marines - limiting its ability to board and capture or engage orbitals or asteroid bases.

See also Heavy Cruiser Missile Heavy Cruiser