Quadrant 7, Grid 637086


Stardate 3198.240
A Exterminator Viking unit was detected entering L'Fayet and burning for the colonial main planet L'Fayet III. The L'Fayet starguard mobilised, and the L'Fayet Station protection Squadron went on combat alert. The system's HSTS was not destroyed (contrary to known Exterminator SOP to date) so the JACHQ (at Potomax for the Summit) was informed with a few days, and kept informed throught the operation. The battle between the viking unit with 4 shadows and the defenders culminated in the viking colliding with the system station and a large number of armed combat robots stormed the station, cutting their way through to the station control centre. The defending marine regiment fought gallantly, and inflicted heavy losses, but was unable to prevent the attack destroying the station control centre. Then the attackers withdrew, undocked and burnt out of the system. Meanwhile the relief fleet from Potomax arrived in time to see the viking exiting the system.