Corporate Headquarters: Manhatten Archology, Earth


One of the oldest Corporations in the Universe, rumour has it that it was founded some six centuries ago on Earth.

It is believed the name came from London Export Corporation, originally a small import-export company in the ancient district of P'kam in Old London, Earth.

Current Position

In 3212 it is one of the wealthiest interstellar corporations in human space, with major interests in finance, techological integration and management consultancy. LEXCORP subsidiaries run manufacturing, shipbuilding and colonial surveying, exploration and start-up.

Lexcorp continues to be one of the foremost Corporations supporting both the economic and industrial development of human colonies throughout human space. It has been particularly active in supporting the development of infrastructure in the outer quadrants.


The LEXCORP Board is headed by Lim Choon Seng. The Lim family have held senior roles in the Corporation for several centuries.
Other key people are:
Chief Operations Director: Todd D Beyer
Chief Finance Director: Dr Mohammed Achmed Ali Yussof
Director for Personnel: Reverend Augustine Goodluck
Director of Corporate Risk Management: Olesugun Aganga

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