League of Non-Aligned Worlds (LONAW)

Formed early in 3203, this is a loosely-formed pressure group to provide a voice for the Non-Aligned worlds in Quadrant Zero. The twelve founder members comprise Gorilla, Kordon, Benny, Ahriman, Count Down, Kree, Shi Ar, Vijanta, Nissan, Wing, Duke, and L99. The only thing these worlds really have in common is their determination to remain independent and non-aligned. The League was briefly joined by the Free Worlds Alliance of Quadrant 1 and 8 - though this alliance became ineligible when it became the Federated Worlds of the Outer Quadrants (FWOQ) in 3212.
Shi Ar left the League in 3222 in protest at the League's position on The Chosen, and became ineligable for membership shortly after on joining the Wolf359 Commonwealth.
Zubat (Q0) joined briefly in 3222, but it left again within the year when it became part of the Mald Democratic Foundation.
The Two Worlds Trade zone of Quadrant 8 also joined.