Lord Kendrick Vegas

Early Life

The Vegas family are an old and distinguished line, which in recent generations has fallen to a state of genteel poverty.

His mother, a second lieutenant in the GF infantry, his father a barrister and town councilor in a colonial suburb of New Gypsy Heights. Both quite talentless. His father’s most notable achievement being a lifetimes hobby collecting exotic mineral geodes. Young Kendrick spent his youth in the distinctly suburban Acacia Drive, Tartarus colony, A712.

He studied at St Horatio’s School for Boys where his exceptional performance brought him to the attention of his maternal uncle, William Sproat-Clements. William, a Knight Protector of the Great Kingdom (KPGK), sponsored the young Kendrick to the exclusive Kings College on Wolf 359. Kendrick, upper middle class at best, was soon made to feel quite inferior by other students. He developed the scrupulous armour of etiquette, a more appropriate accent and a patriotic devotion to King and country.

Career in the Knights Protector

He joined the KPGK shortly after finishing university and, with the help of connections introduced through his uncle, he joined the cadre of advisers attached to rising star Lady Cyndy Zhang. Lady Cyndy had been the youngest Commander in Chief since the Knights inception 200 years previously and Kendrick became a trusted lieutenant. There are even rumours that he was instrumental in planning the unsuccessful assault on Zubat - but this has never been confirmed publically.

The politcal fallout of the Zubat Campaign caused the downfall of Lady Zhang, however her influence at court prevented her from being entirely removed from the upper echelons. She was instead moved 'sideways' to the role of Gentleman of the Inner Sanctum. Intense political machinations pitched factions eager to curtail the growing power and influence of the KPGK (and even opportunistic elements within the Knights) against the existing leadership.

Lord Kendrick was appointed as the Commander in Chief in 3219, appealing to reformists by dint of his unconventional* upbringing and his appeal to the rank and file as a result of his association with the old regime.

As Commander in Chief Lord Kendrick has continued his predecessor's program of recruitment and expansion of the Knight’s military remit. He steadfastly maintains the Zubat incident was a failure only insofar of lack of collective will to “face the cold, hard, reality that xenos pose to humanity.” He has recently described the KPGK as “the last, best hope of Wolf”.

  • By the standards of the KPGK