Admiral Kimota Kasei

Former Commander Martian Fleet Quadrant 5

The Admiral has a reputation for undertaking meticulous analyses of tactical and strategic situations prior to making his move. As a result, whilst his solutions to situations are often novel, they are rarely spontaneous. He is therefore in many ways atypical of the MSN, and certainly not in the tradition of futile stands and suicidal charges - the Martians of galactic legend.

At times, such as his decision not to attempt a rescue of the inhabitants of PEROXIDE (estimated chance of success < 5%), Kasei is said to be cold and calculating. The truth is he holds the men and women of the armed forces, who have chosen to offer their lives in defence of humanity, to be a resource not to be squandered but rather spent carefully when the chance of success has been maximised. The Admiral strongly supports the need for keeping a fleet in being.

Admiral Kasei was born on TOKUGAWA and entered the Martian Star Navy in Quadrant 2. His progress through the ranks saw him attend staff college at NEW MARS. He later returned to NEW MARS for his political training when he was identified as the next Commander in Q5.

Admiral Kasei, if he can be said to have any politics (and can any Martian admiral?), is a traditional libertarian Martian, believing in personal responsibility coupled with letting the other guy get on with his own way of living.