Governor Pyotr Leonidovich Kapitza

in 3199 Governor Korotayev of Quadrant 5 was relieved of duty due to ill health, a severe case of Martian Flu, which is regarded as the reason for his apparent poor judgement at the conference to negotiate the Treaty of Over, 3199. Deputy Governor Kapitza was made temporarily responsible for the political direction of the Venerian colonies in quadrant 5, and has remained in post ever since.

Pyotr Leonidovich Kapitza is a career Republican servant and diplomat, his early life on Beza being unremarkable as he went through the normal education of any young and aspiring Venerian youth. He has commented that he was the first from his family to attend the local university and graduated with a degree in Interstellar Law. With this as a basis he entered the local system administration and applied himself with some vigour, progressing over the next five years through a series of posts until he had his big break. In 3183 a visiting diplomatic mission from the Wolf 359 Commonwealth contravened Venerian Law, wishing to avoid a serious incident by claiming diplomatic immunity they were offered the services of Kapitza as their defence attorney. His brilliant defence turned the whole incident back on the inefficiency of the local Venerian administrator, who was indicted and subsequently sent to a penal institution. It was agreed that Kapitza would be transferred to New Venus and enter the Republican Service as a reward for his efforts.

He worked diligently and efficiently, if not showing any particular flair for the work, until appointed to a quadrant administration. In quadrant 4 he was instrumental in reorganising the transfer of resources between systems to maximise production output resulting in the regeneration of several of the systems and the current relative prosperity in that quadrant. Working through the hierarchy he has quickly achieved the rank of Deputy Quadrant Governor and was appointed to quadrant 5 in 3198. With the incapacitation of Governor Korotayev due to Martian Flu he has taken over as Brevet Governor and awaits either Korotayev’s replacement or notification of his own permanent elevation to the position.

Kapitza is happily married to Alexandra with three children "Little" Sasha, Peta and Zondra, all at school on New Venus with their mother there to care for them. It was a bitter disappointment for Kapitza that he could not take his family with him to quadrant 5 but it is standard practice in the Venerian Republic to keep diplomats families at home for their own safety.