Admiral Boris Kaminski VN

Adm. Kaminski, commander of the Venerian 6th Colonial Fleet, is an officer of the "old school" in the Venerian Armed Forces. As can be seen from the photo he is uncomfortable at such events and prefers to be on the bridge of his flagship where he has complete control of the situation.

Having had the most traditional of upbringings, starting at a military kindergarten, through military prep school into the Voroshilov Military Academy, then to the Barclay de Tolly Military University and finally to the New Venus Naval Officers Academy. Kaminski was steeped in Venerian Naval and Military Forces tradition and had no other thought than to join the Venerian Navy. Even so he nearly didn’t make it as he scrapped through with examination marks only just acceptable to the entrance boards at each level, he even jokes about how he nearly flunked the kindergarten examination.

However, having passed out of Officers training third from bottom of his class he excelled when he finally got on board an actual warship. All the indoctrination over his formative years kicked in and he knew where he wanted to be and what he wanted to do. Very quickly he found that he felt out of place anywhere other than on board a warship and volunteered for all duty which allowed his fellow officers shore leave and him extra work. He was greatly appreciated by his comrades and treated with great respect. His progress through the ranks was not spectacular as his commanders appreciated his dedication as well, you might almost think he were deliberately held back. But at that time there was little chance of promotion, the only action being in minor wars on the fringes of Human space.

When the opportunity came he took it with both hands, during one of these minor wars, when the Martians were parading their vessels as pirates in an effort to disguise their involvement he was serving on a destroyer. During an engagement with an enemy CLI on the fringe of an asteroid belt the DDI on which he was serving took a dreadful hit on the bridge and all the other officers were incapacitated. Kaminski had to take command, with all the ships weapon systems malfunctioning and limited manouevring he should have surrendered, but he improvised mines from missile warheads and destroyed the enemy vessel. Recovered parts proved conclusively that the enemy were Martians using official vessels and not pirates, which allowed the Venerian Republic to get an advantageous peace. A grateful Republic promoted Kaminski to flag rank and he worked his way up to command of a quadrant fleet, he has achieved his ambition which is something few can say.

He has no private life and is rarely seen planetside.