Admiral Jack Rackham

Formerly commander of the Heavy Cruiser ESS Agamemnon, formerly home to the 130th Regiment. (now temporary home to the 256th Regiment).

Rackham is one of the Empire's finest naval officers, with a reputation for fairness towards his friends and ruthlessness towards his enemies. Not an officer to suffer fools at all, his somewhat robust attitude to bureaucrats and timeservers has made his promotion slower than his abilities and record might suggest.

Hobbies include Scottish country dancing, fine art appreciation and classic music of the 20th century.


3155 Born in Zone 69, Southern Brit-Cit, Earth, Sol System.
3177 Educated at Brit-Cit Central University, to Level 10, and at Lhasa University, Tibet.
3179 Completed initial Naval Induction Course
3180 Officer Training Completed at Naval Academy
3181 Joined first ship in Quadrant 2 as Ensign on the heavy cruiser ESS Hyperion.
3182 Promoted to Lieutenant, posted to Quadrant 0 on the battleship ESS Lloyd George.
3185 Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and posted to Quadrant 1 on the carrier ESS Ho Chi Minh. Decorated for gallantry in rescuing crew during a reactor leak incident.
3189 Promoted to Commander, posted to Fleet Staff, Navy HQ Earth Station. Commended for his analysis of revised pacifier doctrine in fleet battles.
3192 Promoted to Captain. First command is the destroyer ESS Nouhadibou, operating out of Neptune Station, Sol. Decorated for his part in the Viglen Incident of 3193.
3194 Appointed to command ESS Agamemnon in Quadrant 7.
3197 Mentioned in dispatches for conduct during the First Battle of 116AL.
3198 Awarded MOBE for anti-pirate operations in the Marque System.
3199 Mentioned in dispatches for actions during the Tuskan Crisis.
3200-02 Senior Staff Course, Ulan Bator.
3203-06 Appointed Flag Captain commanding Solar Defence Squadron
3207-13 Appointed Director of Tactical Studies, Homeworlds Defence Academy, Mir.
3209 Promoted Rear Admiral
3213 Appointed commander Task Group Subrosa
3214 Promoted Admiral of the White, and took command of 11th Battle Fleet. Commanded the fleet in operations to destroy an illegal Sentient AI Device in Marx City on Sirius Q0.
3215 Appointed command 14th Battle Fleet