Interstellar Potato Fan Club (IPFC)

Founded officially on Disney World in 3177, this club was initially small and composed of dedicated fans of Alphie Potato's early media performances. See Potato Filmography.

As Potato gained popularity, and some notoriety as a politician, so his fanbase grew substantially. Chapters of the IPFC, or 'Potato Heads' as they became affectionately known, spread throughout Q0. Posting to Quadrant 5 did nothing to diminish Potato's popularity, and Chapters now exist in nearly every Esteeler world in the universe, and in quite a few non-Esteeler worlds.

The largest IPFC Chapter is in fact on Earth, with a membership of 7 million. The IPFC has grown almost exponentially since Potato was inaugurated as President, and the former star has never been more popular.

In 3214 the IPFC has been very active in funding the rebuilding of Disney World, and providing financial support, through its Charitable Trust, to the victims of the Roach attack. In addition many of them have been volunteering to join the military, and have formed their own patriotic volunteer organisation known as the Corps of Potatriots. On Disney World alone it is thought that the Potatriots might have as many as 10,240 members.
The Martian Branch on New Berlin is known as Die Kartoffel Jugend.

See also Alphonse Z Potato