International Forerunner Foundation (IFF)

Formed by interstellar treaty in 3202, this foundation is jointly funded by major polities under the terms of the IFF Treaty. Its task is to pool all research into the Forerunners and analysis and share the knowledge gained. Its administrative headquarters is on New Venus, and the academic centre is on Kurmanjiva.

Recent times are now widely regarded as the Golden Age of Forerunner research. This Foundation was created as a result of international treaty to pool the whole of humankind's knowledge about its illustrious predecessors. Its mission it to increase mankind's understanding of both it's own place and the role of the Forerunners in crafting the Universe as we see it today.

The Director of the Foundation, at its inception was Professor Stone, but following the expansion of the IFF in late 3212, his role was split into a political role and an academic/management role. The new 'political' head of the IFF appointed by the coordinating committee is Dan Tassic (former PM of the Union of Xyon). Professor Stone remained responsible for the academic strategy.

The Deputy Director and field academic lead is Professor Von Schliemann.

The work of the IFF was changes beyond all recognition by the discover by its researchers of a putative Forerunner Homeworld, named 'Mystery' in Quadrant Zero. Virtually all archeologists operating under the auspices of the IFF are involved in studying this remarkable 'lost world' - and is likely to be doing so for many decades to come.

Many of the more complex and interesting finds are collected and returned to the academic HQ on Kurmanjiva, and stored in a specially-constructed secure storage facility called Warehouse 13.