Independent Colony World in Quadrant 8

The world has a number of separate independent colonies:

New Farringdon Colony Made up of mainly Earthers from St Elvis, and led by Councillor Elsmore

Advanced Mining Colony 8 - Formed by Centauri colonists from Iron Cage. Run by Director van der Assem

People’s Republic of Insider - made up of Venerians from Goof Ball. Led by Mayor Kutusov

Shining Acolytes of Wisdom - Mainly a religious cult originaing from Nichiren (Q0) - they have no leader.

New Hope Colony - originally from the GFA colony of Akira. Leader is Senator Kemp

No Worries Here - originally from the Martian colony of Jiggeroo. Leader is Senator Shaw

Freedom Colony - Originally fromed from Transhuman exiles from Percentage. Led by ‘The Leader’.

Recent Economic History

3216 Average
3215 Below Average
3209-3214 Poor
3207-3208 Very Poor
3205-3206 Poor
3201-3204 Very Poor