Imperial Sentinels

Civilian self-defence organisation


Following vocal concerns in 3212 regarding the cuts to the defence of the Earth Empire in Quadrant 6, a number of industrialists, shipping lines and concerned corporations banded together to form the 'Imperial Sentinels'. Under this scheme, a number of corporately-owned merchant starships and security consultants sign up to volunteer time, or a proportion of their time, to protect Earther systems from piracy, insurrection and alien attacks. So far this scheme has been funded excusively from donations by concerned (if fabulously wealthy) citizens and corporations.
Towards the end of 3212, the Sentinels became more controversial, allegedly providing support to right wing separatist movements in Q6 - particulaly on worlds within both the MAFC and the GFA. This involved exchanges of shot with official military forces from both those nations.

Official Position

The Imperial government's position is that so long as this initiative involves legally authorised and registered ships and personnel and the actions of the organisation are conducted in full cooperation of the lawful authorities and the Imperial Navy then their support is welcomed.


The Imperial Sentinels are a loose association of interested commercial interests, with a strong support for the Imperialist factions in Quadrant 6. As the Sentinels grew, so a more formal leadership structure emerged. A central committee, known as the Lernaean Comittee after the city of Lernae on Weygand where their main offices are located. The Sentinels mainly see themselves as primarily a loyal arm of the Emperor and Earth (in that order). The current chair of the Lernaean Committee is Mr Uyoku Dantai.
The main spokesperson for the Sentinels is Emir Ali Bey

Current Strength

as at 3212.200
One armed merchant ship from Virgin Spaceways
Two armed merchant ships from Lexcorp.

as at end of 3212
1 Assault Landing Ship
3 Class 5000 armed merchants
6 Armed Merchant AMI

as at end of 3213
2 Heavy Cruiser
1 Light Cruiser
1 Assault Landing Ship
3 Class 5000 armed merchants
10 Armed Merchant AMI
1 Logistics Support Ship

As at mid-3215
(Following military defeat at Flakey Q6 at the hands of a joint GFAN/MSN force)

1 Light Cruiser
1 Assault Landing Ship
3 Class 5000 armed merchants
5 Armed Merchant AMI
1 Logistics Support Ship

Some private military contractors have also offered discounted services to the new organisation.

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