International Forerunner Foundation (IFF) Treaty

The governments of the Wolf359 Commonwealth, Greater Federation of
Asteel, Republic of New Venus, Mars Association of Free Colonies and
the Union of Xyon agree to the creation of the largest co-operative
effort in to research on the Forerunners that has ever been attempted by foring the International Forerunner Foundation

Provision 1: Data Sharing

All IFF members will share all information they have or may gather in
the future on anything related to the Forerunners.

Provision 2: Access to finds

All IFF members will allow access to all Forerunner artefacts in their
possession by other IFF members.

Provision 3: Minimum funding

All IFF members agree to commit a minimum of 1SV worth of research to
the IFF.

Provision 4: Steering Committee

The IFF will have a coordinating committee of government
representatives and secretariat made up from all IFF members to
oversee and coordinate research, based on New Venus.

Provision 5: Board directors

Each member polity's Forerunner research centre will allow other IFF
members to participate on its directing board.

Provision 6: IFF access to resources

Any IFF member's Forerunner research centre will be able to request
the use of the nearest IFF member's research vessels when required
and deemed reasonable by the coordinating committee.

Provision 7: Permenant IFF resources

If polities wish to supply research vessels for permanent use by any
IFF member's Forerunner research centre they may do so.

Provision 8: IFF team structure

Each IFF member's Forerunner research centre will promote mixed teams
consisting of scientists from each IFF member polity.

Provision 9: Access to IFF centres

Each IFF member's Forerunner research centre will allow scientists
from other IFF members to work there.

Provision 10: Dissemination of discoveries to non-IFF members

Dissemination of discoveries to non-IFF member polities will only be
with the full agreement of all of the other IFF governments.

Provision 11: FR sites within IFF polities

Investigations in to forerunner sites within polities will be lead by
the polity whose area it is within, but will include members from all
IFF polities.

Provision 12: FR sites on non-IFF member worlds

Investigations in to Forerunner sites on non-member worlds will be
coordinated by the coordinating committee.

Provision 13: Disagreement resolution

Disagreements within the IFF over access and coordination issues will
be decided by the coordinating committee.

Provision 14: IFF security

Employees of the IFF should be required to sign a non-disclosure
agreement in which they undertake not to openly discuss, publish, or
disseminate in any way information gained while working for the
institution to any unauthorised person. The definition of an
'authorised person' shall be at the discretion of the Coordinating
Committee, but in any case will be one who has had to sign a
comparable confidentiality agreement. Breach of such an agreement will
be punishable in accordance with the law of the employing polity.

Provision 15: Expulsion terms

Unwarranted arrest or obstruction of member scientists and / or
withholding of information from other IFF members will lead to
expulsion from the agreement at the discretion of the other IFF


 President Heinlein, 
Republic of New Venus.

Supreme Councillor Harness,
MAFC Interstellar Coordination Committee.

Dan Tassic,
Prime Minister,
Union of Xyon.

Lord Michael Young KCB DTE,
Marquess of New London,
Prime Minister,
Wolf 359 Commonwealth,
on behalf of His Majesty King Stabilo II

Alphonse Potato,
Greater Federation of Asteel.

Lee Zhang,
First Minister,
Earth Empire.

Sirian Socialist Republic.