Humanitarian Youth Development & Recreation Association

Headquarters Weygand Q6

This group is a charitable organisation for young people who care about what is happening in the universe and are willing to do what they can to make a positive difference. The charity's youth leadership programme provides an opportunity to experiment with new social models, creating a holistic view of the universe that is underpinned by the need for shared values and an awareness of humanity's ultimate interconnection.

The group believes that every person has the potential for leadership. Leadership is seen as an expression of a willingness to engage in the issues and challenges of the age without shrinking from difficulties. Their programme is described as being about finding creative solutions to local and universal problems.

Its current Director is Don Antonio Caballero
The Head of Outreach is Tomoko Shishido

This group has been gaining popularity and runs training programmes on many worlds accross Q6. It has many influential supporters and one of the charity's patrons is former Imperial Governor Armstrong.

The organisation has benefited from generous corporate donations via the influential Lernaean Committee.