Hovertank MBT(H)

Fast, well armoured combat vehicles mounting very high velocity cannon, plus SAM and/or ATGW', multi cannon and an array of clever ECM, fire control systems and other whizzy stuff.

Moves using ground effect system ("hover"), and can cross most terrain and 'hop' vertical obstacles up to 4 metres high (with a short run-up).

One of the interesting features of the Hovertank's fire control system is the 'slave-fire' feature. This allows the data a target located and locked on by one tank in the section to be immediately shared by every other tank in the section, and the locating tank's fire control system can fire any of the other tanks' main armament at that target (provided they don't have a higher priority target themselves).

Because of the very high penetrative power of the main armament of the hovertank, this means a target can be shot by slave fire when it is behind light cover, buildings, woods etc. It can be disconcerting for a round to come through the wall you are hiding behind from a firer you can't see a thousand metres away!