Admiral Aiashi Hojo, MSN

Admiral Hojo hails from Akshi in Quadrant 1. His father was the noted Q1 martial arts master and maverick politician Kenji Hatori, whose own career was cut short by his bizarre election-day public suicide in 3170. Hojo still bears the traces of his strict upbringing and his father's militarism. He is outwardly polite, calm, and self-effacing almost to the point of ridiculousness, but many in his long career have made the mistake of seeing only this and not the ambitious, driven and vengeful man beneath. Hojo bears insults gracefully, only for his tormentors to eventually somehow find themselves at his mercy - sometimes years later. As a naval tactician he is regarded as competent but uninspired. As a machiavellian climber through the ranks he is without parallel. Hojo is openly homosexual (Martian society being totally indifferent to such matters) but has not been romantically linked with anyone for as long as anyone can remember. He is an ascetic, living a Spartan existence with a punishing fitness and diet regimen.