Heinlein, President

President Heinlein, the darling of the Venerian Republic, jovial devil-may-care leader of the greatest polity in Human space, pictured at yet another awards ceremony where the people honoured him. Wearing the simple uniform of a militia Colonel to show solidarity with his people, he too would man the barricades if an enemy landed on the sacred soil of New Venus.

Born nearly sixty years ago he is one of the youngest leaders of any polity and that youth and vitality has an effect for the good on the people of the Venerian Republic. They know that their leaders are capable of the coherent thought and action needed in this forever changing political maelstrom, particularly now that we have the added problem of the Exterminators to deal with, along with our traditional enemies, the Earthers, Esteelers and Martians, who can never be trusted.

He started his education in a normal nursery school, moving through the education into a military academy with honours at every level. He continued as an exemplary student, graduating top of his class and earning an immediate one grade rise in rank upon entering the space fleet as a PAC pilot. He made his name in the famous action where the PAC squadron he was leading successfully defended the VSS Djellibeenz, an LSSI attacked by Esteeler war vessels in an undeclared war. Nearly all the military academies and staff colleges throughout Human space use this action of an example of how to properly deploy and maximise the use of PAC in defence of an unarmed support vessel.

He returned a Hero of the Republic, but with wounds that required him to stand down as a PAC pilot. He then joined the 21st. Stellar Assault Service Marine Regiment (the premier special forces unit of the Venerian military). At the tender age of twenty-seven he found himself leading covert missions, which to this day are classified, and yet again being awarded the honour of Hero of the Republic. Unfortunately he became too well known and was a marked man for the damage he managed to inflict on some of our enemies, details classified. This forced his second change in direction and after completing Naval Staff College he was appointed as commander of the battleship VSS Devana.

That posting provided him with little opportunity to show his abilities, but he was nevertheless able to take a prominent role in the defeat of an Earther force in quadrant 8 during an incursion they made. He needed a fresh challenge, and was approached by a group of politicians to stand for Presidency, they expected that his popularity, as a double Hero of the Republic, would guarantee his election and they could use him as a figurehead. They were correct in as far as he was easily elected but he refused to be a figurehead, quickly learning that there were new challenges to be faced in the governance of the Republic. He has earned the respect of all around him, so much so that along with his popularity and approval ratings, he has been elected unchallenged in the last three Presidential elections. There have even been moves, which he has graciously and nobly refused, to have him elected as President for Life, he says that governing the Republic may be beyond him one day and he would not want to stand in the way of a suitable new candidate for the post. There is only one flaw in his time as President, that as he is a marked man from his time as a Special Forces commander he rarely leaves Venerian space, so as to give his enemies the least opportunity to deprive the Republic of their most illustrious son.

The President was ecstatically married with two beautiful children, now young adults, who are a further inspiration to the people of the Republic.

Heinlein went on his last, and fateful, trip around the repblic in 3206 - during which his ship was lost with all hands. Nobody knows of the fate of his ship - it is believed it suffered a hyperspace drive failure in deep space. No word has been hear of him since and he has been officially declared missing believed dead.

Following his disappearance, his memory has been revered by the Quadrant 4 Liberation Organization, who named their hypothetical independent Q4 “The Republic of Heinlein” in his honor.