Heavy Cruiser CAI

The smallest class of Capital Ships. A military Starship. Anything it can't out gun, it can out run.

Weapon systems
8 Heavy Cannon
4 Multi Cannon
4 Missile Launchers firing Heavy Missile
4 Chaff / Flares launchers
2 One shot Pacifier
105 Starship Marines

Approx tonnage 50,000 tonnes

Maximum acceleration 1.5 G

Navy Crew: 170 (not including Starship Marines

Doctrine and Operations

The Heavy Cruiser is one of the key patrol ships and is an important flexible fleet workhorse. Not only is it regarded as a capital ship and is capable of joining the line of battle, but it is the supreme pirate chaser and unit of political-military force projection in the colonial quadrants.

It's good acceleration, powerful main PAD batteries and large complement of marines means that once it finds a pirate base or pirate ships they are easily dealt with.

See also Missile Heavy Cruiser Light Cruiser