Grey Goo

A common term for nano-technological self-replicating molecular dissassemblers. This technology has been around for a while and has been mooted as a possible weapon system.

In essence it breaks down matter around it at a molecular level and uses that matter to make more molecular nano-bots that in turn feed on more matter.

Whilst weaponised grey goo is very effective in the initial stages, the nanites proved to be fairly vulnerable to denaturisation by hard radiation - rendering them unsuitable for a space-borne weapon. The use of grey goo in planetary environments is regarded as too hazardous to contemplate, as once unleashed it would have to potential to consume and destroy the very place the user was trying to capture or occupy.

That said, the propagation rate of weaponised grey goo is fairly slow, perhaps expanding at a rate of a few metres per minute in planetary conditions.

To date, there have been no known operational deployments of weaponised grey goo (WGG).