Greater Federation of Asteel (GFA)

One of the most powerful interstellar nations. The 'Esteelers' are a relitively young nation with a very thrusting an entrepreneurial spirit. Their political system is a presidential democracy. Critics accuse their system of being too much under the influence of big corporations. They have also been accused of being excessively hedonistic.

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Quadrant Governors 3214

Quadrant 1 Governor Quantrella B Zoob (Reform Party)
Quadrant 2 Governor Leo Diaperstein (Star Party)
Quadrant 3 Governor Theodore P Hook (Star Party)
Quadrant 4 Governor Mimi Poisson (Reform Party)
Quadrant 5 Governor Wendell T Quivver (Star Party)
Quadrant 6 Governor Kris Carter (Reform Party)
Quadrant 7 Governor Trin Neang (Reform Party)
Quadrant 8 Governor Thud Yowzar (Star Party)

Greater Federation of Asteel Navy (GFAN)


CinC of the Federation General Staff; CinC GFAN : Ultraparamount Admiral Hogan Stipes

CinC Interplanetary Forces and Scout Forces : Admiral Andre F Previous
Chief-of-Staff, GFAN : Admiral William S Graham
CinC Ground Forces : Planet Marshal Ving Brapp
Human Resources Development, GFA Forces : Admiral Tanya Hardy

Quadrant 0

Fleet Rufus G Herring : Admiral Lorrie-Lou N Ostrichburger
Fleet Charles E Kelly : Admiral Euprepia Orwell
Fleet Bernard J Ray : Admiral Nguyen Gamgee
Fleet Rodger W Young : Admiral Ronwell S Tirana
Fleet John E Butts : Admiral Megan Steeple
Fleet Audie L Murphy : Admiral Suzette Timpani

Quadrant 1

Chiefs of Staff HQ : Admiral Samuel Day-Gatling
Quadrant General : General Richmond Bowyer
Fleet Thomas E Atkins : Admiral Walter Walker

Quadrant 2

Chiefs of Staff HQ : General Hortense F Dormer
Quadrant General : General Melinda Krug
Fleet Eric G Gibson : Admiral Kordon F Peacemaker

Quadrant 3

Chiefs of Staff HQ : Admiral Vince G Senekar
Quadrant General : General Plato Ng
Fleet Daniel W Lee : Admiral Miyamoto Jones
Battlegroup Three : Admiral Lucius T Mannix

Quadrant 4

Chiefs of Staff HQ : Admiral David Q Tizer
Quadrant General : General Georgina T Oxley-Sarbani
Fleet Harold H Moon : Admiral Floella Bixby

Quadrant 5

Chiefs of Staff HQ : General Herne T Bromwell
Quadrant General : General Ricardo Appletree
Fleet Eugene B Fluckey Admiral Brickwall Jackson
Fleet Jay R Vargas : Admiral Clarissa Eastwood

Quadrant 6

Chiefs of Staff HQ : Admiral Boum Trommel
Quadrant General : General Gillian McIntyre
Fleet Maurice L Britt : Admiral Anja T Olvin
Fleet George J Hall : Admiral Jina X Lipson

Quadrant 7

Chiefs of Staff HQ : General Dylan O'Chang
Quadrant General : General Tommy Simpson
Fleet Richard E Flemming : Admiral Colin Would

Quadrant 8

Chiefs of Staff HQ : Admiral Joe H Major
Quadrant General : General Mann P Rupali
Fleet Joe E Mann : Admiral Jeremy Q Barnstormer