Colony world in Quadrant 7
Founder-member of the New Republic

Following considerable rivalry in the early years after the founding between the colonists of Gorgon and the cyborgs of Draconian Empire, the colonists of Gorgon eventually formed a military alliance with New Draconis and came to terms with their transhuman neighbours. The formation of the Eastern Defence Bloc - whilst dominated to a large extent by the transhumans form New Draconis, was economically sustained by the Gorgons. This arrangement proved successful, as both Gorgon and New Draconis found that their common frontier values were more important that differences in lifestyle.

It was clear then, that when the formation of the New Republic was being planned, Elaine Harpy, the then First Minister of the Gorgon Collective was an obvious candidate for President.

The elections of 3212 were hard fought and no overall majority was achieved - Elaine Harpy, as leader of the second largest party was able to form a coalition government with New Draconian First Minister George Forty. Forty became President, with Harpy taking the key Foreign Ministry role.

Since the elections, there are reports of some internal frictions, as Harpy has hinted a number of times that she regards Forty as a 'bleeding heart liberal'. There are also reports of Forty increasingly sidelining Harpy in international negotiations.