Ground Force (GF) Infantry

GF infantry are the mainstay of the powerful Ground Force Battalions. These are highly-trained professionals operating in individual powered armour suits called Heavy Mobility Armour. In addition they are armed with SLA high-velocity projectile personal weapons which use the built-in electronic systems of the HMA suit to extent their lethality, range and operating parameters.

GF Infantry are flexible and their doctrine uses their exceptionally good mobility and all-terrain speed to fight tactical battles of manoever. The abilty of the GF trooper to fire as accurately on the move as stationery encourages this.

The Ground Company comprises of ten 8-trooper sections and these sections operate in a co-ordinated manner, grouping into multi-section tactical task teams, then splitting and re-grouping rapidly as new threats or tasks appear. For this reason, unlike more conventional infantry their hierachy is 'flatter' - there being no equivalent to the 'platoon' in their organisational structure.

In many ways their operational style is more like ancient tracked tank warfare than infantry.

So, in any stand up fight against less well equipped troops, the GF Infantry will usually win - the only areas they are vulnerable tend to be in static defensive situations (where an enemy has the opportunity to concentrate their fire - or in built up areas, underground or other physcially restricted environments - in this case the 2.8 metre high armoured suits make manoever tricky and the individual troopers are more vulnerable to booby traps or IEDs.