Free Worlds Alliance

Formed in 3202 (originally known as the Seven Worlds Defensive Alliance), this alliance of independent worlds was brought together for common security against piracy, and to increase the participant worlds' voice in quadrant matters.

Their joint fleet originally consisted of 14 or 15 motely armed merchant ships. The members consist of Killikrankie, Damper, Gat, Lamster, Radhakrishnan, Pratt and Nose. In 3203 they set up a joint marine training centre and a nuclear weapons production facility, and started a programme of jointly acquiring proper warships. In 3206, the Alliance was joined by Ankh.

The Alliance is headed by William Jackson, former High Admiral, who was elected Chair of the Council of Defense Ministers in 3207.

In 3210, the Alliance expanded into Quadrant 8 when Spuk joined the Alliance. The FWA has since been joined by Kami, Charley and Checkno, and maintains military outposts on Ragg and New Bermuda. The FWA is a member of the League of Non Aligned Worlds, and is allied to the Two Worlds Trade Zone.

The Free Worlds Alliance was dissolved on the formation of the Federated Worlds of the Outer Quadrants in 3212.