Federated Worlds of the Outer Quadrants

An independent polity based in Q1.

The FWOQ was formed in 3212 from the original members of the Free Worlds Alliance.
The First President is William Jackson - who has since been re-elected 4 times (in 3213, 3215, 2118 and 3221). Now that the new fixed electoral cycles have been established by the Federation Parliament, he is likely to run again at the next elections in 3226.


On formation the 11 Federated Worlds were:
Killikrankie, Damper, Gat, Lamster, Radharkrishnan, Pratt, Nose, Ankh, Checkno, Charley and Spuk (Q1)

By 3222, the FWOQ had expanded to 19 worlds:
In Quadrant 1: Charley, Chekno, Kami, Gunny, Killikrankie, Gat,Damper, Z160, Radhakrishnan, Lamster, Ankh, Nose, Pratt, T301, T581, T591, Oa
In Quadrant 8: Spuk, Reconciliation Z156