Fabrizzio, Gary

Garibaldi Hercules Fabrizzio has been described as the most popular singer in the Universe, though naturally this is contested. From poor roots as the youngest son of a biomass collector in the GFA colony of Trucker in Q5, he quickly made a name for himself singing in the classical crooning style. It wasn't long before he was signed with Lexcorp Entertainments and his voice was being heard all over Quadrant 5. A colourful character, Fabrizzio has a reputation for being a wild party animal. There are some darker parts to his career however - he was connected with Over crime boss 'Big Al' Smythe - though cleared of any wrongdoing - his spokesperson saying "...look he just went to the wrong party, ok?".
More recently, his network of friends has expanded to 'movers and shakers' in the GFA, and was a regular attender at parties of then-Governor Potato of Q5 in the 3190s, since Alphie Potato's accession to the Presidency, Fabrizzio has broken into the big time in Quadrant Zero, and is much in demand as a performer.

His 3214 hit "Ballard of Alphie's War" broke all records for the genre of romantic neo-ballard.