Free Worlds Alliance / Martian Association of Free Colonies Non-Aggression Pact

Article 1: Non-aggression

The Martian Association of Free Colonies and any member world of the Free
Worlds Alliance or the Alliance itself will neither take nor support,
directly or indirectly, any military action directed against the assets or
interests of the Association, the FWA or any member world thereof.

Article 2: Military Co-operation

The General Staffs of the Militaries of the Martian Association of Free
Colonies and the Free Worlds Alliance shall facilitate joint military exercises,
the exchange of staff officers, and shall work together to suppress piracy in
areas of mutual interest.


Chairman William Jackson,
Chairman of the Council of Defense Ministers
(Free Worlds Alliance)

Gite Carter,
Supreme Councilor
(Martian Association of Free Colonies)

-- FWA/MAFC 3208.200