Exterminator Super-Battleship (ESB)

The main striking force of the Exterminator threat. An ESB is comprised of six, independently mobile units (codenamed 'Viking units') - the ESB connects these units together for combat, and is much more powerful than the largest human warship. Usually entire fleets are required to defeat a single ESB.

It is believed that the ESB is able to cannibalise itself and construct base mining and manufacturing facilities to manufacture further ESB or Vikings. It is also apparently able to convert itself into a formidible orbital fortress. A number of such bases and fortresses were encountered during the First Exterminator War, some in the process of construction.

Weapon systems
24 PAD-equivalent
48 HELL-equivalent
36 Heavy Cannon-equivalent energy weapons
36 Multi Cannon-equivalent energy weapons

12 Shadows (Pacifier-equivalent)
200 approx Combat Robots (with capacity to manufacture more)
1000 approx 'Clanker' - maintenance robots

Approx tonnage 400,000 tonnes

Maximum acceleration 1 G (initial version) 2 G with 'Majordomo Upgrade'.

Robotic Maintenance: 1,200 approx (with capacity to manufacture more)

See Exterminators, Exterminator War and Hostile Exterminator Builders

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