Wolf359 Commonwealth colony world in Quadrant 0


The Evangelou system houses the headquarters of the Commonwealth armed forces, as well as training facilities, fleet repair bases etc. (This excludes the Knight Protectors of the Great Kingdom, who are based on Wolf359 itself.) These are mainly located on the many moons of the huge gas giant JG8. (A large amount of Commonwealth military ship building also takes place around JG8.)
The colony itself is quite small at the present time. A sizeable portion of it consists of families of the military or workers stationed temporarily in the system.
Most of Evangelou's income comes from supporting the military and military contracts although there has been an attempt to encourage some tourism to the northern hemi-sphere where the 'hoo-lock' trees grow. (These trees can reach heights of 3 or 4 miles with diameters of up to 1/2 mile across.)
Note there are restrictions on travel in the vicinity of JG8 to non-authorised shipping. Unauthorised excursions may be met with deadly force.

Planetary Government

Prime Minister: Brett Keene
Chief of Police: Jerrold Cooke
Evangelou Station Commander: Sello Kazaa

Primary Cities

Northern hemisphere: Abosha, Protaras, and New Troodos
Southern hemisphere: Far Elysium and Lookout

Note : This system has restrictions on travel

Economy = Very Poor

M25 = 17AU

5 Planets:

I Evangelou Colony, Inhabitable, 0.6AU from star, 2 moons
II JG8, Gas Giant, 2.0AU from star, 8 moons
III Rocky I, Rock/Ice, 5.1AU from star, no moon
IV Rocky II, Rock, 8.9AU from star, 1 moon
V Gladioli, Gas Giant, 16.0AU from star, 3 moons

Moons of JG8 Gas Giant

I Lumberer, diameter 3600 km, orbit 0.42M Km, used as a research base
II Bipate, diameter 3,100 km. orbit 0.67M Km, Military research centre
III Lated, diameter 5,200 km, orbit 1.01M km, Military Tactics & Strategy Institute and Fleet HQ
IV Gignac, diameter 4,800 km, orbit 1.88M Km, Shipyard E1. KPGK HQ.
V Intrieri, diameter 2,200 km, orbit 7.39M km, Shipyard E2
VI Booker, diameter 570 km, orbit 11.18M km, Mining
VII Essaid, diameter 240 Km, orbit 11.45M km, Mining
VIII Moss, diamtere 170 km, orbit 12.50M Km, Classified Research. This moon went missing as a result of an interdimensional incident.