Governor Rhett Elgon, Quadrant Seven

Reform Party politician; born 3125: current slogan 'Humanity Will Prevail'

Elgon is regarded by many as a surprisingly ethical politician, who has never lived up to his early promise. He has had some bad luck in his political career, which has limited his success so far. Thrice-married, he is now a widower with seven grown-up children and eighteen grandchildren.


Born on Asteel in 3130, Elgon joined the GFA Navy in 3148 and made short-service Lieutenant, qualified in astrogation and as an armourer. He saw action several times in police missions and in a bloody stand-off in Q8 against a Sirian battle-fleet. He then moved into business and made his money in pharmaceuticals, initially in the Core Systems. In 3165 he moved to Quadrant Seven where local laws allowed more extensive and lightly-regulated field trials of powerful psychotropic chemicals. Elgon became the target of terror group WANG-P [We Are Not Guinea-Pigs] who have tried several times to assassinate him for his alleged unethical use of Q7 populations in drug trials. The Esteeler Government began investigating the allegations in 3173. In 3175 Elgon was injured by a bomb which also destroyed all the records of the clinical trials, how about that, and the investigation against him was dropped. He remains fairly paranoid about his personal security and is always heavily bodyguarded. The marketing of several very successful drugs soon earned him enormous wealth. He built deep levels of loyalty in the Quadrant by assiduous cultivation of planetary government allies.


Elected Deputy Governor on an 'anti-corruption' ticket, he showed a streak of ruthlessness in pirate-hunting programs and earned admiration from the military, which he still partly retains. When Governor Abbie Sentt resigned for his utter mishandling of the early stages of the Exterminator War, he took over and soon issued the famous Draconis Address of 3198.010, setting out how the War would be organised in Quadrant Seven, which has become a template for other Powers and other Esteeler Governors. He also claims to have originated the slogan 'Humanity Will Prevail' which is now used across the whole of human space. His hawkish line and willingness to be close to the action has earned him the soubriquet 'war hero' which he dislikes as 'unmerited'. Unfortunately for him, Elgon has recently lost popularity because of increasing economic problems, not least caused by the burden of the GFA's huge military power in Q7. However, his excellent record of probity and integrity, and his deep pockets, have given him the Vice-Presidential Candidate job with recently rising hawk, and aspiring Reform President, Senator Marco Snownose from Enterprise. Perhaps Rhett can still achieve the greatness he craves.