Election Supervision

Given the very wide range of local electoral conditions, major polities monitor local elections on their member worlds to some degree. Some impose very specific conditions - such as the degree of suffrage etc. So every politiy has an Electoral Monitoring Commission (or the equivalent). There is also an interstellar advisory body known as the Interstellar Election Commission. This is an independent not-for profit corporation, funded by grants and donations, that exists to advise new colonies on their electoral procedures, and to act as an impartial observer where there is some doubt about the fairness of an election. Its current Head Office is on Gorilla Station, Q0.


Head of the IEC : Irvin Wiedeman
Head of Outreach and Education : Dr Carl Easington
Quadrant 1 Head of Operations : Frank Richards
Quadrant 2 Head of Operations : Sarah Burns
Quadrant 3 Head of Operations : Adria Elessandro
Quadrant 4 Head of Operations : Anthony Collier
Quadrant 5 Head of Operations : Fran Simmons
Quadrant 6 Head of Operations : Tomi Shishido
Quadrant 7 Head of Operations : Holly Wheeler
Quadrant 8 Head of Operations : Jim Bing