Earth Empire Quadrant 6


In recent years, starting under the former Governor Armstrong, Quadrant 6 has rapidly become something of a 'Jewel in the Crown' for the Earth Empire.

The colonial Imperial Government in Q6 now has more systems under its control than any other quadrant, and it economy is steadily improving year by year.

There has been some comment in the press and from other polities about the right wing and centerist nature of the local Government (some say 'fascist'). However the official line of the Imperium is that the political flavour of each quadrant is a local matter, and as far as is practicable under the Imperium there are wide freedoms with regard to political self-determination.

The Quadrant is unusual because it has managed to form, at no expense to the Imperial purse, a force of auxiliaries known as the Imperial Sentinels - funded by concerned corporations to help police the growth of Earth's influence.

Quadrant 6 Government

The key members of the Imperium Government in Q6 are:

Quadrant Governor : Archibald J Cleft
Head of Quadrant Security : Sir Herman Henlein
Head of Criminal Justice Office : Matsui Van Seuss
Head of Quadrant Budget, Planning and Policy Department : Jorge Yi
Head of Finance : Baron Christopher Hardup
Head of Internal Planetary Liaison : Wilhelmina Von Gabriel
Head of Commission for Public Relations : Mohamed Hoggard
Head of Economic Development Department : Benito Falgoust
Head of Department for Health Care : Jessica Handryngair
Head of Commission for Naturals : Jesus Inquart
Head of Office for Earther Culture and Civilisation : Reiner Ashanti
Chair of the Lernaean Committee : Uyoku Dantai

Head of Q6 Imperial Audit Office : Vernon Gribble BIMBO

Head of Imperial Supreme Court Q6 : Judge Lady Elizabeth Armstrong

IEN Q6 Fleet Command : Admiral Puzo

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